David Wilde
Chief Technology Officer of AARNet, Australia’s Academic and Research Network

About David Wilde

David Wilde is the Chief Technology Officer of AARNet, Australia’s Academic and Research Network.  AARNet connects more than two million end users, interconnecting Australian universities, the CSIRO, research institutes, scientific instruments, schools, colleges, libraries, archives and museums.

For the past 10 years David has driven future technology direction and the development of leading edge applications while building, growing and securing the AARNet network.  David has developed extensive collaborations with AARNet’s international peers supporting Australian researchers and educators in achieving world-class technology outcomes in order to overcome the tyranny of distance.

David Wilde’s Keynote

Global research and education networks: looking to the future

Abstract :

The Global Network Advancement Group (GNA-G) embodies a vision for the international collaboration of national research and education (R&E) networks. The set of networks that comprise the Global R&E infrastructure is large and diverse. There are differences in speed, accessibility and capacity. Building on the work of groups like the GNA and GLIF the GNA-G was started to continue the work of making the interconnection of these networks more effective for science and providing a model for the more effective use of resources in building these networks. By working together, the NRENs of the world can both provide better services and agree to a blueprint which will enable R&E networks to align their spending for intercontinental bandwidth.

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