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Indonesia Research and Education Network

Indonesia Research and Education Network

The Indonesian Research and Education Networks (IdREN) is a private network infrastructure that connects research and education institutions and communities in Indonesia. IdREN is dedicating itself to facilitating data communication across institutions that enable the community of researchers and academia to collaborate.

The IdREN network infrastructure is established with support and collaboration from telecommunication industries and higher education institutions. The telco operators manage up to layer two (physical), and the research and education communities manage the connectivity at layer three and up. The network has the from the Ministry of Education and Research Technology to connect to REN via Trans Euroasia Information Network (TEIN).

With the connectivity to global REN, global collaborations between research and education communities can run on this network, such as e-learning, video conferencing, and research data management international borders.

What do we do in IdREN

  1. Providing data sets and up-to-date science information to research and educational institutions,
  2. Providing open material, open lectures, and online lectures,
  3. Enabling video conferencing among institutions with our self-hosted video conference platform,
  4. Providing access to global grid computing resources (via The Indonesian Institute of Sciences, i.e., LIPI),
  5. Providing global WiFi roaming via eduroam,
  6. Collaborating in national and global research project networks (e.g., Horizon 2020, etc.),
  7. Sharing activities and expertise through collaboration in various fields, e.g., Telemedicine, IoT, climate change, network management, etc,
  8. Exchanging of information resources among members of the research and education communities,
  9. Platform sharing and/or joint applications in the research and education community.

Contact Us

For registration and sponsorship issues, please contact Local Organizing Committee, Indonesia Research & Education Network (IdREN) at [email protected]

For Programme/ log-in issue after registration or technical supports during APAN52, Please contact APAN Secretariat at [email protected]